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1st National Roundtable Discussion

International Day of Action

Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Downtown, Rembrandt Hotel, T. Morato Ave., Q.C., May 23, 2002 

May 23, 2002

Guest of Honor:

Congressman Edward Veloso

1st Dist., Leyte

Chairman, House Committee on Natural Resources 


Ms Angelita Brabante

Chief, Environmental Management Bureau


Ms Alexandra Pablo

Supervising Science Research Specialist

Department of Science & Technology 

Dr. Aleli Sudiacal

Environment & Occupational Health Division

Department of Health 

Dr. Dario Sabularse

Deputy Executive Director

Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority

Department of Agriculture 

Von Hernandez

Greenpeace International 

Ms Antoniette Aristoza


Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 


Ms O’lola Ann Z. Olib

Executive Director

People’s Task Force for Bases Cleanup

Participating Organizations:   

Metro Manila Area

Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives

Greenpeace International

Philippine Greens

Concerned Citizens Against Pollution

Mother Earth Unlimited

Recycling Movement of the Philippines

Health Care Without Harm

Gathering for Peace

Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition

Lingkod Tao Kalikasan


Health Alliance for Development

Community Health & Development

Miriam P.E.A.C.E.


Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Phil., NASA


Luzon Area

Cavite Greens Coalition

Metro Clark Toxic Waste Victims Association, Pampanga

Metro Subic Toxic Waste Victims Association, Zambales

Subic Asbestosis Victims Association, Olongapo City

Buklod-Tao, Inc., Montalban, Rizal

KKA, Angeles City

Social Action Center, Antipolo City

IMA Foundation, Angeles City

Mindanao Area

Peace Gathering Coalition, Zamnboanga & Basilan Cities

Amnesty International, Zamboanga City

PRESERVE, Iligan City

Misamis Occidental Movement for Peace & Environment, Ozamis City 



Cyber Dyaryo

Text Tonight

DWBR, Manila

DXSY, Ozamis City

DXOC, Ozamis City


Net 25 (TV)


Manila Bulletin



  1. The DENR informed the body that it has already requested Senate to start the ratification process of the Stockholm Convention. However, Senate revealed that only the request was received. The Department of Foreign Affairs failed to officially endorse the Treaty to the Executive Department which is the right procedure for the ratification to commence. EMB-DENR will start fast-track activities enumerated in the NIP as all consultations with stakeholders have been already been done.

Timetable: two months.


  1. The Department of Health is continuing its study for dioxin levels of contamination on breast milk in identified areas in the country. It is now working on the control groups in various areas in Luzon, however, it cannot comment on incineration facilities of hospital wastes in view of the fact that the order for its use has already been signed by the Secretary and released to all hospitals. The Department of Science & Technology commented that dioxin release from hospital waste incinerators in the country is only about 300 TEQ/pg and is minimal compared to other sources. The Ecowaste Coalition participants moved for a concerted action against hospital waste incineration.


  1. DOST proceeds with its tie-up projects with the DOH particularly on dioxin as its inventory is only partial. Due to limited resources, the study can only be conducted in Luzon areas.


  1. The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations committed to prioritize hearings for the ratification of the Treaty as soon as it has been concurred by the Office of the President and the same has been officially transmitted to Senate for ratification. It is suggested that the same kind of roundtable discussion be conducted in the Senate among Senators as she believes that technical terms need to be clarified and explained.


  1. Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority clearly announced that POPs pesticides have already been banned way back in 1989. However, he admitted that the presence of Dieldrin, Chlordane and DDT in the market is due to illegal entry of these pesticides in remote ports. FPA committed that as long as reports of these pesticides reach their office, they would be confiscated and business permits shall be canceled as punishment for the violation for selling of banned pesticides.


  1. Realizing that there is a need to urge Philippine Government to act on the ratification process to be part of the 50 countries that must have ratified for the treaty to be enforceable, a Statement of Support has been signed by the participants to be submitted to the Philippine Senate, copy furnished the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the President. (Attached copy of Statement)


  1. Metro Clark Toxic Waste Victims Association raised their concern on how the POPs Treaty would affect areas that have been contaminated by POPs long before the treaty was forged. It was clarified that military bases contamination is not specified in the POPs treaty. However, it would depend on the Conference of Parties if they should include provisions that would affect former military bases contamination in the future.


  1. Participants from the South (Zamboanga City) likewise queried if there would be prospective environmental problems particularly Persistent Organic Pollutants after the War Games that the USA is doing in the South for over 2 months now. Learning from the lessons of the former US military bases, they noted that environmental concerns are not even addressed clearly in the lease agreement between the Zamboanga Eco Zone and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to allow use of the area for jungle training and warfare activities. It was suggested that this particular concern be raised and transmitted immediately to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Oversight Committee on VFA.



The IPEN Day of Action was made possible through the initiatives and support of International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), Greenpeace International and the People’s Task Force for Bases Cleanup- Philippine focal point.

Respectfully submitted by:


Executive Director

People’s Task Force for Bases Cleanup


Hosted by: People’s Task Force for Bases Cleanup

in cooperation with International POPs Elimination Network & Greenpeace International


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002




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