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(Moro-American War in Padang Karbala)

02 May 1902-02 May 2010

 Bayang was once known for her high spiritual values in Islam, in fact, it has the remnance of historical past when in May 02, 1902, and about 700 of their great fathers met their martyrdom and heroism against the American forces at the so-called MORO-AMERICAN WAR IN PADANG KARBALA which make Bayang a prominent and distinctive community in Moro Homeland.


The said battle was celebrated its 108th Anniversary at the very site of battle called Padang Karbala of Bayang, Lanao del Sur, Philippines this morning and is organized by the Moriatao Diwan Youth with support and cooperation of the Municipal Government as well as the Traditional and Religious Leaders of the said town; participated by hundreds individuals form the descendants of the seven (7) survivors.


It is important to note that the Battle of Bayang has been a symbolic of courage and strength, thus became a source of inspiration by its people in the furtherance of their cause to fight for the rights of the Muslims against foreign and colonial ideology which distorted of the solid identity of the Moro as people.


The historical past of Bayang became a rallying point to among our youths and the generation at present to endeavor and translate the vision of our forefathers into reality.


Bayang, is situated in the summer capital of the southern Philippines in Lanao del Sur. It is a small community populated by about 25,000 inhabitants. The people of Bayang enjoyed a royal distinction and identified among the descendants of Diwan and are called the “Moriatao Diwan.It is where I owe my upbringing and to where I shall always based myself and much to my sense of belongingness and identity, which have inspired me to have developed the feelings of pride whenever I recall.


Our forefathers fought valiantly against foreign invaders and colonizers and they stayed strong, sturdy and intact. Their descendants are now flourishing and enjoying this opportunity to be as the children of those martyred noblemen against American Expedition Forces from May 2-3, 1902 that signaled the beginning of the Moro-American war from 1902 to 1915.


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